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Why Use LED Lighting?

LED ribbon lights are considered much better for the environment. As such, we should all be considering using LED lights more, as the environment is something we are all accountable for. Most people are aware of the environment and the threats that are relevant to it. The amount of waste we produce, including carbon output, is a serious problem.

LEDs are up to a whopping 80% more efficient than you might find in traditional lightings, like fluorescent and incandescent lights. A significant 95% of this energy in LEDs is converted to light compared with a negligible 5% which is wasted as heat. The result is significantly more efficient than its incandescent counterparts.

LED lights draw much less power, a basic 84-watt fluorescent can be replaced by a mere 36 watt LED light, giving out the same level of illumination - amazing. Less energy means that there is a big reduction to the demand from power plants and brings down the level of greenhouse gas emissions.

Another great advantage is that there are no toxic elements. Most offices utilise strip lights which contain chemicals like mercury - these are harmful to the environment when they are disposed of in a landfill site. Disposal of this kind has to be arranged via a waste disposal service. As such, the switch to an LED means that the cost and time constraints required for suitable disposal results in helping to protect. Toxic waste is a real problem that we need to mitigate against where at all possible.

LEDs also have a better quality of distributed light, as well as focused light in a particular direction, as such, these are opposed to the other kinds of lighting which can waste energy by sending light in all directions. What this means is that much less LED lights are needed to achieve an equal level of brightness given off by any fluorescent or incandescent lights. Much fewer lights mean a reduction of energy consumption and will therefore be beneficial to the environment.

Another great benefit of LED lights is a longer lifespan, this means that there are lower carbon emissions! LED lights can last up to six times longer than other kinds of lights. This reduces the frequency of a need for replacement. Hence, fewer lights and resources are needed for manufacturing processes, as well as any packaging and transportation costs.

We all know that eco-friendliness and efficiency are extremely important to all of us, and customers by-and-large note environmentally friendliness as one of the most important factors in decision making and choice. To be a business, a homeowner, or production with the environmental, green considerations that are at this point necessary, you should be investing in LED lighting as an alternative to traditional incandescent lighting.

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